Monday, 4 February 2013

UISGE 2013 Festival in Helsinki

The Old Student House in Helsinki provided a magnificent venue for the third Finnish UISGE festival organized as a two-day event at the turn of January and February. In the building’s Great Hall and Stage, one could spend two very enjoyable evenings mingling with people sharing an interest in the water of life, and sampling from a selection of two hundred different bottlings. In addition to such floor activities, twenty expertly guided tastings were also arranged in the smaller rooms above.

Festival banners at the entrance

An overview of the Great Hall

The credit for both the original idea and the actual organization of the festival belongs to Mika Jansson and Ilkka Ruponen, who first started developing the very notion of a Finnish whisky festival back in the spring of 2010. The first UISGE 2011 was organized in Gallows Bird, a restaurant in Helsinki’s neighbouring Espoo. The festival turned out to be so popular that a larger venue was definitely needed. The Old Student House situated at the centre of Helsinki then proved to be a very suitable location indeed.

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