Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Visual Slices from Lagavulin

My first uisgeous love from Islay was Lagavulin's classic 16 year old from the core range of the distillery. The power of the sophisticated spirit as well as the elegant design of the bottle and the traditional label all strongly appealed to my aesthetic sense and taste. Therefore, it was also a true pleasure to be able to actually visit the site of origin, to enjoy the imposing surroundings at Lagavulin Bay, and to meet some of the people involved in person.

Iain McArthur, Lagavulin's Whisky Legend

Sensory bliss at the Warehouse Tasting

The setting at the Premium Tasting, including the new make

The distillery site on Islay's Kildalton Coast
between Laphroaig and Ardbeg

Our knowledgeable Distillery Tour guide

The distillery's water source

A wee dram back at The Islay Hotel
(both highly recommended - the dram and the hotel!)

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