Friday, 5 April 2013

On the Way to Islay

A great thing about being interested in single malt Scotch whiskies is that in addition to opening up a wonderful world of rich and sophisticated sensory experience directly related with the liquid jewels themselves, exploring this fascinating topic also brings one into contact with a multitude of historical, political and cultural phenomena, things that one might otherwise have not encountered, people one might otherwise have not met, and landscapes one might otherwise have never seen.

A great thing about photographs is that with them, one can share one's otherwise private visual impressions with others. Above you can see a rainbow over Islay. Below are a couple of photographs taken on the way from Edinburgh via Glasgow and Kennacraig to The Island.

An eternalized happy reunion at the Glasgow Bus Terminal

Chillin' with Doggie

Vital Spark

Arrival at Port Askaig

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