Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Finnish Teerenpeli Single Malt Comes of Age

The Finnish Teerenpeli distillery produced its first new-make spirit ten years ago, on the 23rd of September 2002 to be precise. Finland's largest newspaper Helsingin Sanomat recognized the event quite splendidly, and the October 2012 issue of Whisky Magazine joined in the festivities on an international level by featuring a story by Ian Buxton on the distillery that has now been operational for a full decade, having thus reached what is standardly considered full adulthood in the world of single malt whiskies. With the following photographs, the Malt Whisky Observer offers its warmest gongratulations to the Teerenpeli distillery and single malt!

The distillery is situated in the basement of the restaurant
Taivaanranta at the city of Lahti

Jaakko Joki, the distiller and whisky ambassador of Teerenpeli

Grist-grinding facilities, where malt is ground into a rough flour

The mash tun of 350 kilos capacity - the grist is mixed with
hot water, and the conversion from starch to sugar takes place

One of two stainless steel washbacks, where fermentation
occurs after the addition of yeast

First distillation: the wash still holding 1.500 litres per charge

Second distillation: spirit still with 900 litres capacity

The spirit safe through which the distillate flows, and where the
stillman rules on the foreshots, heart and feints of the run

A sign on the door saying "Tread carefully - whisky maturing"

Whisky maturing in and interacting with oak casks

The effects of oak maturation nicely demonstrated by
new-make spirit straight from the still, 3 year old, and 6 year old products

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